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Fresh Vegetables

Edacious is a new food system. 

We are building a system in which quality and quantity can coexist. 

The food system is not broken; in fact, it’s working just as intended. Society produces more calories than it needs. Markets incentivized a race to the bottom; the greatest quantity of food at the lowest possible cost. We have succeeded in optimizing a single outcome - a calorie rich world.

But this success has come at a huge toll. A global, multifaceted environmental and health crisis. 25%+ of global GHG emissions from farm to fork.  Obesity, heart disease, depression, alzheimer's, and COVID-19.  Toxicity in our bodies, soils, and waterways.  Small and medium size producers struggling to compete in a commodity system that favors size above all.

Agronomist Farmer
Fresh Produce

The solution is

radical transparency.

We believe that markets have the power to incentivize a major paradigm shift. And that trust plus information is the way to unlock this change.  

The truth is that all food is unique. We plan to show you how and why.


Our agri-food system, in the end, can nourish both people and planet. We can and will build a nutrient-dense food system.

Edacious is a company focused on the verification of food quality, the most important outcome of our agri-food system. 

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